Sometimes to find inspiration I go back to things I’ve already done, look at them with a fresh pair of eyes and see what really gets the creative juices going.

Other times I look back at parties, events, even posts I’ve done to remind myself of what worked, and I don’t really try too hard to change anything.

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been reviewing some of the posts on the blog to motivate myself and see if anything sparks ideas or inspirations and also just to review.

I often find it difficult to think outside the box or creatively when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Not that I am opposed to it, or have a dislike for it, I just find it difficult to be overly creative amongst all the pinks and reds.

But, as I was reviewing some content here on the blog, I was inspired by some posts that I felt could be interesting for Valentine’s inspiration. There are some fun recipes that could work for a get together or party “a deux” and some fun inspirational colour palettes that definitely break from the traditional.

So, hopefully this little trip down memory lane will serve to inspire you too and get your creative juices going.

Who says Valentine’s has to be red and pink? I think playful deviations from that would be a welcome idea.  The Coral Inspiration Palette post shows how this colour can be pretty, bold and romantic.

Valentine's Day Inspiration from


This Caprese recipe was originally posted in the summer but there is something a little sexy about gooey burratta cheese, tomatoes and olive oil. It could be the perfect recipe for a Valentine’s party for two. 

Valentine's Day Inspiration from


I love the colour of this Raspberry Mousse recipe although my attempt didn’t really measure up in the looks department.  You’ll have to make a few adjustments to the original recipe and I have a little feedback in my Raspberry Mousse Review  post but the taste alone is worth the effort.

Valentine's Day Inspiration from


I know that pink and red are colours that are supposed to speak “love”, but what if they aren’t really your favourite colours? Who says that a Valentine’s party has to follow that rule?

I love the idea of using something bold and this Black & Gold Inspiration post could get ideas flowing. When choosing a different colour theme for Valentine’s, paying special attention to the little details (think gold heart confetti, chocolate heart truffles, maybe pink champagne) will carry through your “love” theme beautifully.

Valentine's Day Inspiration from


Or what about taking a jolt of fuchsia but pairing it with black? Maybe more your speed? Here’s a Real Life Party to give you inspiration.

Valentine's Day Inspiration from


What inspires you for a Valentine’s Day theme? Are you traditional in your approach, or more experimental? Have fun creating something that works for you.


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