So, just as there are things you should always remember to do for an event, there are also, and possibly more, things that you shouldn’t do! Keep the following things in mind when you are planning and executing your event.

Things to Remember Not to Do


  1. Don’t assume people know.  Spell everything out, location, date, time, wardrobe (if applicable), any and all details that would be helpful.  Your guests shouldn’t have to do any research or work to know the details of your event.
  2. Don’t fall off the radar.  Sometimes once a host has sent out the invites and gotten the responses, all communication stops.  For events that are a few weeks or months in advance, the momentum gets lost and the buzz wears off.  Find a reason to keep in touch with your guests.  Fun reminder emails, or count-downs, anything to keep them excited.
  3. Don’t over communicate! Okay, so stay in touch, yes, but don’t inundate people will hundreds of little tidbits.  You don’t need to send out daily reminders, or try to be cute with humorous anecdotes.  If you think you may be overdoing it, you are.  If you think you may be annoying, you are!  Keep connected with people but reasonably so.
  4. Don’t forget to make a plan.  For larger scale events, a critical path is essential. For smaller events, make a to-do list or plan out the journey of your event.  Things don’t just happen, you have to plan to make them happen and if you don’t, then everyone will know you don’t have your stuff together.
  5. Don’t assume things will just get done.  If you are working with a venue, have everything laid out or who is responsible for what and when things are expected.  You can never be too detailed.  If you are having something in your home, make sure you confirm who will be doing what.  Is it all you, are you using a caterer, does your significant other have any responsibilities etc? Don’t assume your husband or girlfriend will be getting the wine unless you tell them specifically to do that.
  6. Do not avoid! You know what I mean here.  Maybe your sister wants to bring her new boyfriend, or your inviting a group of friends but are in an argument with one from the group.  You have to tackle these things right away or they will be hanging over you through the whole planning process and be worrying you right up to the event.  If there is something that needs addressing, do it and then forget about it.
  7. Don’t forget to have fun.  We always forget this.  You have to be concerned about your guests and ensuring that all the elements go off as planned, but you should enjoy yourself  too.  If you are well planned, things will run smoothly and you can relax a bit.

A well planned event, which you are sure to have, is a well-done event.



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