The Three Pillars of Design

Let me start off by saying that I am not a designer.  I do not have any design degrees, nor have I been professionally trained.  What I do have however, is a deep passion for design and decor.  What I do have is a lifetime of design experience and an innate eye and ability to see things as they should be.  Most importantly, what I do have is mistakes and flubs and disasters that have helped me to learn the importance of certain things in design and decor. It is from this that I hope you can take some ideas and inspiration into your own home.

One pillar of Design – Good Lighting

I believe that there are three things, just three things, that you can do in your home that elevates it to superior level.  I call these the three pillars of design and they are… are you ready…now don’t forget these okay? They are Lights, Walls and Windows.   Why lights, walls and windows? I mean, aren’t furnishings and other architectural details just as important? Of course.  All elements, when done correctly, work seamlessly together to create a unified and cohesive look.  But, without the proper wall colour, lighting fixtures and window coverings, the most expensive area rug or couch become just objects rather than decor.  We are effected by colour; we just are.  Different shades evoke different emotions and feelings.  Have you ever gone into a space that is all white walls with stark furniture with clean, crisp lines?  A modern space.  You may feel it’s cold, or clinical while others may feel it’s clean and elegant.  Same space, different emotions.

Bold wall colour and interesting decor.

Once you add a colour to the walls, the feeling changes.  What is the feeling you want in your home? How do you want to feel in your space? I would argue that even the most modern of designs can benefit from some colour on the walls whether it be a richer white on all walls or a contrasting colour in a specific space, event the additional of art work. No space, whether modern or classic or traditional should be devoid of colour.

Lighting to enhance decor

These multi-colour light fixtures enhance this space. In fact, they become the focal point of this space and the design element where all else stems.

Okay, so colour can evoke certain feelings or emotions great.  What can lighting do other than help you see when it’s dark? To that I say tons! First, having interesting lighting fixtures adds another design element to your space.  Not only are they functional, but they can be accessories and additional art pieces for your home. Secondly, while proper lighting helps us to do various tasks in the home like cook, read or relax, the proper lighting can create moods.  Dim and romantic, bright and fresh, subtle and relaxing.  Well placed fixtures and well lit rooms create ambiance and mood and help to enhance, hide or camouflage decor.

Window coverings can do the same thing for your space.  While they too are primarily for function, style and look should never be sacrificed for function.  Having the ability to increase or decrease sunlight or showcase a wonderful view is invaluable in creating an encompassing space. Window coverings, as with wall colour can enhance the particular style of your home.  Through window coverings that mimic your design esthetic, you can carry the feeling and emotion of your home throughout all your spaces.

So, when you are looking at your home and each of your spaces, think of the Lights, Windows and Walls as your foundation, your canvas with which to build fantastic decor.




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