Sometimes I just really like something that’s been around for forever. While we all try to stay up on trends, there are just some things that really do hold the weight of time.  For me, that’s the feeling of peacock.

Peacocks have been revered since Ancient times, it’s feathers and the bird itself symbolizing many things throughout many different cultures.  Peacocks can symbolize pride, kindness, love, compassion, renewal, life, health and good will (just to name a few!).

The colours so symbolic with the peacock have been used in decor and fashion throughout the decades and peacock really saw a resurgence in use in parties, events and fashion in 2011.  I think that the colour palette is still relevant now and is especially relevant for the holiday season as it is spot on with one colour trend of using bold jewel tones in your decor and design.

There is a vibrancy to the colours found in peacock and by pulling out some of them to use as a main focal point, you can create a visual theme that is quite striking. Some may think that peacock is bold and brash, but I totally disagree. All of the colours work so well together, you don’t really have to think about it.  Especially for parties and events, this colour palette works fantastic as each colour can stand on it’s own, but a weaving of all into your theme creates a rich and sumptuous feel.  It can be romantic, warm, fun, a little sexy, opulent or classic.

But, what peacock isn’t is mild.  It makes a statement, it wants to be seen.

But is that really such a bad thing?!

colour palette

Select one, dominant colour as your theme, or weave all together for an interesting design.

Pull colours from Peacock in your design, but don’t be afraid to add other “hints” like feathers for subtle touches.

esty 2 (good version)

The colours found in the Peacock palette are interesting and individual on their own, but work brilliantly together for true cohesiveness.

dragonflyexpression etsy

Peacock can be fun and whimsical and interesting.


Pop other, neutral colours throughout your design, like cream or off-white, to soften the overall appeal and add an extra dimension.

kimmsmith etsy

Peacock colours used in jewellery can be inspiration for table decor. This would work well as napkin rings.

A Peacock colour palette lends itself so well to whimsical and fun ideas.

Pulling various colours from the peacock palette provides for a beautiful anchor to holiday decorating for 2012. Works so well for a jewel toned theme.

dancing mooney etsy

A paper garland is an excellent example of how the Peacock palette can work for any event or party.

imeon design etsy

Carry a Peacock theme into your table decor for unique design like these place card holders.

photo source: hello my sweet; justagirlblog; pom tree; dragonfly expression; kimmsmith; amy atlas; the handmade home;
dancing mooney; imeon design



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