I just love this time of year.  I can spend hours and hours looking at images and pictures and it’s sometimes difficult to stay focussed and clear on one theme and objective.

But, given how hectic and crazy it gets around the holidays, I think that a little diversion is always good! Especially when you can find colours, ideas and projects that are fun, easy to do and just get your creative juices flowing.

These images gave me some inspiration for the holidays and I hope they do for you too. I will be looking for whimsical and unexpected ways to bring interest to my holiday baking (love the skier cake- topper!) My favourite is the chocolate truffle advent calendar; amazingly creative, but relatively simple to accomplish (I just love those types of ideas!)

So, whether you’re baking, shopping, decorating, hosting or just plain relaxing this weekend… Enjoy!


photo source: Scrapbook


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