Fresh, Primary Colour – Inspiration Palette #1

For me, summer really invokes a fresh take on simple colour. We don’t have to be fancy or over-the-top.  We can just use the most basic of colours, combined in interesting ways, to create fun, easy, laid-back parties.  Whether you are doing an outdoor picnic, some casual drinks at dusk or an afternoon filled with water fun and good munchies, take some inspiration from the primary colour palette and add a simplistic and fresh approach to your event.

Saucy indeed.  The use of solid colour in the spoon and stripes on the bowl add colour and vibrancy to your plating.  Try bringing colour into your event with the necessities like napkins, bowls, plates, cutlery or glasses.  There are so many options in disposable plates and other items that you can really play around with interesting colour without a huge expense.



A super fun way of using flashes of colour is in your desserts! Start with a simple base of white or pale pastels and then go to town with decorative elements like sprinkles and other confectionary.  Whether you are having a cake or individual cupcakes or another delectable sweet, popping it with primary colour takes it up a notch.

I love the idea of using mis-matched or different colour plates and serving dishes to add colour and interest to your event.  Just imagine some luscious strawberries overflowing in a coloured basket or dish, or plating dishes lined up in a row to hold your napkins and cutlery.  Look at what you have in your own home.  Bring out those colourful dishes and serving platters to use as a colour anchor in your event.  Keep in mind that varying colour is great, even a bit of pattern is good, but you want to try and stay consistent and not have too many competing colours or patterns.


Simple and fresh primary colour can be your base and inspiration to delve even deeper into colour.  Using varying shades, or even contrasting colour can add that extra depth.  Pop your colour in every little unexpected place like in fun macarons (or macaroons en Anglais), or interesting candy.  Have fun with it.


Try to look for fun and interesting ways to incorporate your colour.  These fun and colourful paper straws not only add as a decorative piece, but also reinforce the fresh and simple use of primary colour.  You don’t need anything else, just some straws in a jar, but the effect is so great.  It’s appealing, interesting and functional.

The great thing about going back to basics and using simple, primary colour is that you don’t have to go out of control with it.  You can pop it in anywhere and encompass the whole feeling without going over the top.  Now, you can go over the top if you’d like, but the choice is yours. Think of some of your favourite, simple colours and just go for it.


Credits: Gingham banner, Happy Little Cottage; Saucy, Rue; Polka Dot Cake, Sylvia Weinstock; Multi colour glass baskets, Anthropologie;
Multi colour paper straws, The Knot

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