When we entertain in our home or put a party together, probably about 50% of the time, our guests are sitting at a table. So making the table look great is a key aspect of any party planning.

One easy trick that I use to kick my table decor up a notch is to frame my plates. Not in the literal sense, but to give my plates a background to rest on that is pleasing and appealing.

It’s not a necessity; a dinner party will work just fine if my plates are just there on the table. But, it’s a simple and easy way to add a touch of elegance to any party you are doing.

Like in this example below; my table is black and my plates look good and cohesive with the design.


frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com


But there is always room for improvement.

I like using charger plates. Even a neutral shade like cream or brown can add so much to a table setting and visually add depth. They are another item that helps to fill the table, so you need less but, it still feels like more. And, you can add some glamour to your table by opting to use bold shades like gold or black.


frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com


It’s a simple change, but it alters the look in a fantastic way.

But, charger plates only work if your plates are round, and what if you don’t have any charger plates at all?

Easy, you cheat the look.

Use heavy paper card-stock in varying colours or patterns to create the look you want. There is so much variety, and so much texture, that the card-stock itself can set the whole tone for your table setting.


frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com


The choice out there for interesting card-stock is fantastic. I go directly to the scrapbooking section of any craft store. There you’ll find so many interesting options that can add so much to your table decor.

Paper card-stock is also transformable; you can cut the edges with scissors to create a different shape, use a pattern within the paper to create a design, even layer your paper to create a multi-dimensional look.  You can choose what works and looks best with your table.


frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.comframe your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com

frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com

frame your plates from www.trixandtrumpet.com


So, go and explore all the wonderful options that are out there and create a look that is totally fabulous and totally you.  Whether opting for a striking statement with charger plates, or getting creative with card-stock, remember to always frame your plates.

Have fun!


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