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Most, if not all, of the posts I do are related to personal events and parties. Birthdays, showers, anniversaries….you know, the ones we plan and execute in our personal lives.

But, I bet that many people have to plan and execute events or meetings in their professional life as well, beyond the scope of their actual job.

When I worked corporately, my job WAS an event planner, but I couldn’t do it without my colleagues helping me in many, many ways.

Our corporate receptionist would help me set up, order food and even take down meetings in our office for the Board of Directors or visiting Dignitaries. Another colleague in the IT department would handle many aspects of our staff golf tournament, getting approval from me on budgets and contracts, but pretty much running with it on his own.

And while I was based in Toronto, I planned events across the country. I had to rely on colleagues in our other offices to make sure that certain events and meetings went through as planned.

And none of these people were event professionals. But, they needed to wear that hat at times, as well as do their real jobs.

And that might also be you.

There is a barrage of information out there on what the trends will be for 2014 but, there are few sources that are actually on trend (so to speak). I’ve vetted through that information and found a couple of sources that are consistent with what I have been seeing, and that is where the below list is derived from.

So, if you are in charge of planning some events or meetings in your job, or looking to the event industry for trends that you can incorporate into your personal events, then this list is for you.


Forecasted Trends in the Event Industry for 2014

1. Automate registration and check in.

Electronic registration ensures greater flexibility with managing attendees as well as having a great platform to easily communicate with them. Electronic check in allows for a seamless experience for attendees. It’s quicker and more reliable and it can assist with post-event reporting for analysis. You can email attendees before the event for reminders, even collect payments online. There are a ton of companies out there now offering this service from moderate functionality to really robust. Most charge per registrant, but, for smaller events, services like EventBrite offer event registration free of charge.

2. More Social.

Social media of all kinds will continue to be solid components of events. It allows for real time data and engages attendees both during and post event.

3. Engaging content.

With social media becoming more standard in meetings and events, the content of those events needs to be engaging and condensed and easily transferable through social media by attendees.

4. Use those Apps

Planners will be using more apps to effectively plan their events and meetings. As the process becomes more automated and seamless, the planner has a greater ability to be responsive and in the moment.

5. Social Seating

With the use of apps and automation, planners will be engaging more social seating. The goal is to encourage interaction and sharing and to configure seating to accomplish that. Small clusters or groups based on whatever criteria you want to quantify will trend in 2014.

6. Healthier eating.

Better snacks and healthier meals are on trend for 2014. There is also a shift towards smaller, bite-sized food which allows attendees to sample more food and for the planner to incorporate more interesting concepts.

7. Flash Entertainment

Everyone is looking for something different and cool and flash entertainment is just that. Quick, unexpected bursts of entertainment like a marching band entrance or funky dance troupe give interesting bursts of entertainment that heighten the mood and energy.

8. Creative lighting

While traditional lighting like candles and spot lighting will continue to be necessary in the overall event scheme, creative use of lighting will trend this year. By using colour and uplighting, planners can project a logo or specific message, blend with the overall colour theme of the event and create interesting moments all through the use of creative lighting. Even using LED furniture will create a dynamic visual and feel.

What do you think? Do you agree with these event trends? What do predict will be the event, meetings or party trends for 2014?


Photo Source: Bonbon Ballooons
Trend Sources: Successful Meetings & Event Manager Blog


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