This is a ridiculously easy punch to make.

But, I know what you’re thinking, do you really need another punch recipe?

Uh, yes, you do.  Especially one that is as easy and delicious as this one.

Did I mention how easy this one was?!

A punch is a really good bet for any type of party. It’s quick to make because there is less fuss with mixing, you can make a large portion at a time, and people can just help themselves if you have other things to tend to.

This easy punch works for a wedding or baby shower, a Sunday brunch, even an afternoon tea party…whatever the occasion, this recipe is easy, refreshing and really pretty.


Seriously Easy and Super Delicious Pineapple Punch

easy punch


  • one carton pineapple juice
  • one litre of 7-up (or Sprite)
  • orange sorbet or sherbet, to mix in as needed
  • one large bowl and spoon to mix


  • grab the bowl
  • pour in the pineapple juice
  • pour in the 7-up
  • spoon in the sherbet, slowly mixing it to create some froth
  • when reached desired frothiness, stop adding sherbet

I mean really? Simplicity at it’s best.

This is also a great base for any other flavours you may want. You could use a different flavoured sherbet, like raspberry, or add ice cubes with frozen petals in them. Be creative and go for it. You really can’t mess it up.


easy punch


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