I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding some neat inspiration from coral lately.  I think it is such a fresh colour and has a lot of impact.  Plus, it works well with a huge spectrum of other colours and hues so the possibilities are endless.

I like finding images of the colour that I like and really use them as a base to create my full palette.  This purse totally caught my eye (I was doing work, I promise!) and really helped to set the tone of the use of coral for events.

You can take inspiration from anything, anywhere.  I would use the coral from this image as the base and maybe use other colours, like a rich gold or tan to compliment it.

Coral is fresh and exciting


Coral also works great as the “pop” of colour for your event.  Your colour scheme and palette could be creams or purples, or blues….really any colour, and then you can use coral to bring contrast through interesting and quirky ways, like the umbrella in this image.


Coral makes a great colour to really “pop” with.


I love coral mixed with another vibrant colour like this turquoise in the stationary below. This would be a fantastic colour combination for many types of events, whether it be a casual get together, or a more formal night.  I love how coral adds so much interest, and is not a colour that you see everyday.  It’s a bit unique, and that’s cool.


Coral can be in varying shades and all work together.


But you mustn’t think that coral has to always be bold and bright.  It can be subtle and soft and romantic. When you pair it with other soft shades like cream or soft pink, the effect can be so, so pretty.  Florals are a a great way to incorporate a soft coral palette, where you can add a touch of the colour without it being overpowering.


Coral can be soft and subtle and blend beautifully with other shades of cream and pink.


By using coral as an accent colour to your main palette, you can incorporate it into little touches throughout your whole event.  Maybe there is a touch of coral in the plating, perhaps coral is a burst of colour in a bunch of balloons, or you can use a coral accent on dinner party favours or take-away gifts.


Use coral in little touches.


However you feel inspired to use coral, try it out for your next event.  As many of the images show, coral is a fantastic colour that compliments and works with so many hues and combinations.  It’s fun and quirky and soft and elegant and fresh and unique. Just the perfect palette for your next perfect event.


Photo credits: Purse, Tory Burch; Umbrella, Snippet & Ink; Stationary, Rue Magazine; Florals, Green Wedding Shoes; Little Touches, Rue Magazine



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