Ever since Pantone declared Tangerine Tango as “the” colour for 2012, the odds were this was going to be a great year for colour.  As so, we haven’t been disappointed.  From fashion to home decor to trends in event schemes, colour is everywhere.  And the great thing about colour this year is that really, truly, anything goes.  We’re seeing bold and vibrant colour blocks in greens, blues and oranges, but there’s also a softer palette of clean and crisp pastels.  Whatever your preference, you cannot go wrong with colour this year.

Not only does colour add punch and oomph to your event, but it is a great way to incorporate into a theme for an event.  If I am ever stuck for inspiration or have been racking my brain for an interesting theme for a party to no avail, I also go to colour.  Choosing one main colour with other complimenting colours can turn any get together or event from ho-hum into fabulous.  One of my favourite combinations right now is any shade of purple with any shade of sage or celadon green.  I find the richness of a purple complimented by the light and fluffy feel of a soft green so appealing and it works great for many events.  From a baby shower or bridal shower to a girl’s luncheon or garden party my new combo for the spring is purple and sage.  Below I’ve shown my top combo, one of the 2012 trends for colour, and listed other pantone numbers that make for good combinations.

Bellflower, Pantone 18-3628


Margarita Pantone 14-0116


Other fun purple and green combinations I love are:

  • Grapeade, Pantone 18-3211 with Grayed Jade, Pantone 14-6011
  • Velvet Morning, Pantone 18-3927 with Bird’s Eye Green, Pantone 13-5911

I’m referencing Pantone colour because that is the industry standard for colour.  You can find the full Pantone collection at www.pantone.com/pages/paint/paintselector.aspx.  Here you can compare various colours and see how you like them together.  It’s really a tool for purchasing purposes but you can use it to isolate a colour scheme or theme to get you started.  I also totally love colourlovers, www.colourlovers.com .  Here you can play around with tons of colours and create really cool palates or browse through some that others have created.

The thing to remember this year is not to be afraid of colour.  Use it in any way that you can in your event and be as discreet or as bold as you like but just don’t overlook the power that good colour and colour combinations can have.  Break away from traditional looks like silver, black or gold and think about fresh and new.  Be bold and have fun.

photo credit: nicklas alm still life photography


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