Can my band have booze?


I get this question a lot. Well, maybe not a lot, but often enough that it warranted a quick post about what to do.

The dilemma: “What should I let my band, or DJ, drink during my party?”

In short answer – anything non-alcoholic. You must keep them hydrated so plenty of water is great, but steer clear of offering alcohol to any of your vendors.

It’s always interesting how we often view the talent as something different than all the other vendors and suppliers for our party. Since they are providing us with entertainment and enjoyment  it can be easy to fall into stride with them and have a different set of rules. But, everyone who you hire for your party or event should adhere to the same guidelines.

When it comes to drinking, you should be providing water or soda for anyone who is assisting with the event – that’s it. So, that means no alcohol. The band, singer, DJ, whatever is included in this. If the music is being provided for a set amount of time, like two or three hours, then there should be no alcohol for that time whether they are playing or on a break.

I know, I know, it’s so tempting to be social with those who are providing the music because music is social. It’s a component of your party that’s fun, and we often associate the people who are providing that service as more fun or cool than other staff. And, let’s face it, they have to have a certain coolness about them or else you probably wouldn’t have hired them.

But, that is the key – they are hired to provide a service at your party. Just like a caterer, or waitstaff, or the guy who’s putting up your tent, the band, singer or DJ are providing a service to ensure your party is awesome. This is not a social call for them so their service should be professional at all times. You must provide non-alcoholic drinks to keep them hydrated but save the alcohol for your guests.

The main goal of any party should be to provide a fantastic experience for your guests, and for you. You bring certain elements together in order to achieve this goal and your vendors and suppliers should be there to assist you with that. It’s a job, and most workplaces don’t allow drinking, so neither should you.

But what about after? Well, that’s really your call. Most times, the band just packs up and is on their way but if you want to give them a beer while they are doing their stuff, for sure. But, there is never an obligation or expectation to do so. It really is whatever you are comfortable with.

So, the long and short of it to your question: can my band have booze? No.

But, what do you think?  I am too rigid in my thinking? Comment below on how you feel about it.



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