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I will dare say that I have totally stayed away from using Black and Gold in any party decor or theme.  It’s typical, been done, maybe a bit tacky and well, kinda boring (yawn). Well, my inspiration juices have been livened up and I am living the black and gold dream and loving it.

It really is none of those things, and if used well and paired with interesting pops of colour, Black and Gold makes a surprisingly a-typical palette.  It’s bold, glamourous, elegant, timeless and decidingly NOT boring.

The design world really has had this one locked up for, well, forever really.  And who could really argue with the design greats like Chanel, Gucci and Balenciaga? If it works for high fashion, and is timeless in design, it would be a rather hip and timeless look for any party decor, non?

Look to interesting elements to incorporate Black and Gold into your theme.  Think beyond the actual table setting (which would be beautiful, of course) and look to little accents like candles, place cards and napkin rings. Layer the Black and Gold with other colours that pop like Pinks, Purples and Blues. Look for inspiration from all sorts of unexpected things like a great bag, decor and jewellery.

You can also take the colour to varying levels.  Soft and subtle gold with dominant black; a more vibrant, glossy gold with black accent; or even a gold that is more bronze and metallic.  The possibilities are really abundant.

With a base of Black and Gold as your main foundation or colour, any direction you take will be glamorous and sophisticated.  Have fun.

Black and Gold for the table in Trix & Trumpet's Dinner Party Box


House of Harlow

House of Harlow

Jesi haack design


photo credits: jesi haack design (1 (top photo) &12);Trix & Trumpet Shop (2); gucci (3); house of harlow (4&10); glamour drops (5&7); nemaworkshop (6); bhldn (8);
anthropology (9); vintageluxe (12);wedluxe (13)


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