This is, hands-down, my favourite time of the year.  I love Fall (or Autumn) so much that I can easily conjure up amazing images and inspirations for a party.  What is great about this time of year in most places in North America is that we usually get days that can be a bit warmer with a gentle cool breeze blowing through and then evenings that with some candles, cozy blankets or a warm fire can be excellent to hang outside and enjoy.

There is also a casualness about Fall that I really like.  Most people are wearing sweaters or jackets, we have socks on our feet and maybe a scarf tossed casually around our neck.  We go on hikes or go to fall festivals, stroll through quaint villages and stop for hot cider.  We look for the best pumpkins and fill the house with the aroma of baking and cooking.  We sort of hunker down in the Fall, spending time with family and friends but not rushing about from party to party.  I think it is the best time to entertain.

I want to inspire you to continue to be outside and to not be afraid to have a get together or party outside at this time of year.  Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and beautiful clear skies.  As I mention in my Taking it Outside post, you have to always prepare for inclement weather, but this time of year allows you to be more playful with your parties.

If you don’t want to eat outside, have drinks or hot cider on the porch or deck. Think about using elements of the season to bring a theme and cohesiveness to the party.  Use trees to hang enclosed candles to create ambiance, use throw pillows and blankets for design and function.  Try incorporating fall things like pumpkins, apples, wood, leaves, corn, or fire into your party for decor, food, ambiance and theme.  Use neutral fall colours like rust, bronze, moss, or sable and then pop it with a jolt of colour like yellow or orange.  Have fun, be inspired and take it casual.


Use Autumn hues like plum, orange and green to create a warm and inviting table.


By adding throw pillows and blankets casually draped, you can encourage guests to get cozy and settle in for some good conversation.


Use interesting items, like wine barrels, to create an instant buffet.  Rustic and simple is the key to entertaining in the Fall.



Embrace the season and work with the natural elements.  Let fallen leaves add rustic charm to your party and table set up.  Infuse your event with all the colours of Autumn.



Embrace all the intoxicating flavours of Fall.  The vibrancy found in many of the vegetables, like Squash, add colour and heartiness.  There is an abundance of ingredients that are plentiful in Fall; use in interesting and unexpected ways.



Bring the rustic vibe that Fall easily provides into how you plate and serve items at your table.  Think about the whole table and use fall accents in unexpected ways, like slices of wood as chargers, and mason jars for cider.



You can also make plating simple and easy with cured meats, cheeses, and flavourful salads.


A neutral palette with pops of Fall colour enhances the rustic and casual vibe of the season.


Whatever you are planning to do this Fall season, be inspired through the colours and feeling of this fantastic time of year.  Any event, from a wedding to a family get together, even a baby shower, can be delightful this time of year.  Enjoy and be inspired.


Photo credits: harmony n'Nature; the peak of tres chic; ana rosa; iced coffee and peonies; seasonal love; melangery; wedding chicks; roost



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