A Real Life Party to Give Inspiration

Pulling parties together is a lot of fun.

Well, okay, it can be a bit nerve-racking.

Where to begin, what to have, how to pull all your elements together?

You don’t have to spend a lot, or have tons of different elements to make your party look good and to carry through a theme.

The key is to spend on the things that give the most in terms of visual impact.

I styled this bachelorette party and didn’t spend a huge amount on everything.  I wanted to create a feeling and an experience, but I didn’t want to over-do things and weigh down the dinner with too many elements.

I focussed on three key elements:

  1. The inspiration
  2. The theme
  3. The overall look/impression

So, here was my inspiration:


real life party for inspiration

The wedding invitation.

The bride chose a black and pink colour scheme for her wedding invites, so I used that as my inspiration for the bachelorette dinner.

That colour scheme now became my theme (element #2).

I like to create an overall impact when styling a dinner and my first step is always to look at the space, or room that the party will be taking place in to see if there are elements that can help in my overall design.

This bachelorette dinner was at a venue that had the restaurant on the lower level with dancing and music on the upper floor. It was the perfect set up for a visual impact as guests had to descend stairs to come into the dining space and could see the whole room. Plus, the furnishings and colour palette were quite neutral. I used this to my advantage.


real life party for inspiration

I stuck to the colour theme of black and pink so that visually, you were drawn to the table. By using balloons in the same colours, I was able to bring the visual up so that it reached the guests, even before they arrived at the table. (and how awesome was it that the venues chandeliers totally coordinated with my theme? )


real life party for inspiration

Simple flowers in a bold pink and  little guest favours in black boxes with a fun pink ribbon gave interest at each place setting.

(the boxes were filled with little hershey kisses, yum).


real life party for inspiration

real life party for inspiration


The table was simple and uncluttered, but very precise in it’s consistency. And it was achieved without having to add “extra” things that would take away rather than enhance the look.

So, you can carry through a theme, achieve a look, create and experience for any type of party with any budget. Just start with your inspiration, create your theme and think about the visual impact of the whole scenario.

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