10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

I often fantasize about exotic locales and visiting incredible properties. So, it’s no real surprise that Luxury-hotels.com’s most recent survey on the world’s most expensive hotels has me intrigued.

Could I conjure up some important event to warrant a visit to one of these luxe properties? Could I count this as work-related research for possible event locales?

Probably not.

For now, I just have to be content with looking and longing and imagining.

Luxury Hotels conducted the survey in June/July 2013 and based all rates on the lowest available rate from online pricing, phone reservations or through it’s own booking site. No account was given that many of the hotels that made the list have a pricing that is all-inclusive so the numbers may be skewed a little. The survey also included the top 20 most expensive hotels in the world and you can see the full list here.

It is interesting that within the top ten,  five are safari-type retreats. This could possibly explain the hefty price-tag as location and logistics play very much into everything. Many of these properties are beyond my “normal” travel distances but there are two accessible retreats in Western Canada that could be do-able. However, they are primarily focussed on fishing and, well, that isn’t exactly what I’m after!

In any case, it doesn’t hurt to dream. And my dreams now are thinking of a beach in the Seychelles or boating in Sardinia.

 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

  1. North Island Lodge, Seychelles, $5843/night
  2. Laucala Resort, Fiji, $5040/night
  3. Khwai River Lodge, Botswana, $4060/night
  4. Savute Elephant Camp, Botswana, $4020/night
  5. Eagle Island Camp & Spa, Botswana, $3970/night
  6. Singita Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania, $3570/night
  7. King Pacific Lodge, Canada, $3249/night
  8. Mnemba Island Lodge, Tanzania, $3100/night
  9. Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy, $2939/night
  10. Queen Charlotte Lodge, Canada, $2800/night
  11. Le Dune, Forte Village Resort, Italy, $2778/night
  12. Singita Lebombo Lodge, South Africa, $2634/night

Since #3, #4 and #5 are really part of the same hotel group, technically they really should only be one entry, so I’m giving special mention to two properties just shy of the top ten.

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So which one is your favourite?

So much fantastic choice…now the budget…that might be another thing.


Image sources: all images sourced from each properties website




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